Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year! 2011 update/2010 review

well, it's a new year once again; and, once again, we've gone through some dramatic changes this year...

we started out the year as vegetarians. new to the path, we were still living on cheese pizza and bean burritos much of the time. but as we started learning more about factory farms and dairys, we decided to completely eliminate all animal products from our diet - including dairy & eggs - and practice maintaining a fully vegan diet for all of 2010.

this turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made, as not only did we feel 100% better physically, we also felt better emotionally and spiritually as well. though it may be nothing more than coincidence, ever since we went to visit the "hugging saint" Amma in summer of 2009, we felt some kind of heart opening that resulted in more compassion towards ALL living beings, so the vegan lifestyle, in retrospect, seems inevitable to us now.

we learned a ton of great info from books like The Kind Diet and websites like, and we've cooked at home more than ever before. as a result, i (tommy) lost over 30 lbs of fat and jen (with the addition of running daily) has lost nearly 50 lbs. another benefit is that when we experience a cold or sniffles, it now passes after only a day or two instead of dragging on over a week or more, like it used to when we were carnivores.

we also found out that probably some time in 2011 we will be moving back to Florida, specifically Miami, as my design business down there is flourishing and i'll need to be available to meet with clients in person more often - i've currently been flying down there every month for meetings, which is fun but can become tedious after awhile, so the move will give me greater flexibility. we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in new england, and we're both thrilled to have been given the opportunity to reconnect with jen's family out here, as well as forge new relationships with the many people we've met since we moved north back in 2008.

jen is about to complete one of her largest projects to date: "the sketchbook project: portsmouth". this project entails her filling an ENTIRE Moleskine® notebook with sketches, drawings, watercolor paintings and writings from our time in portsmouth, and the resulting finished piece will be displayed permanently in an art library in brooklyn, ny. next month, we'll be traveling down there via coach bus to attend the opening party and see jen's work and the work of the other artists who participated in the project. as our first trip to nyc, it should be a blast.

in 2011, we're planning a return trip to colorado for the first time since we left in 2007, and it will be great to see all of our old friends and family members again. it feels like 30 years since we left, thought it's only been 3, so it will be interesting to see how things look to us now after all the changes we've gone through since we left.

we'll also continue our spirituality studies, sharing what we think is relevant and writing updates on what we're doing in our personal lives as well. 2010 was a period of intense growth and goal accomplishment for both of us, on many different levels, and as such left us with little time for blogging. that's an area i hope to change in 2011, so expect more frequent posting as well. the content will be varied, that's all i can say for now...

so that's the latest jen+tommy update - hope you enjoyed it, and hope to hear lots of comments from everyone over the next year. have a wonderful, safe, healthy, abundant, satisfying new year, and we'll talk to you soon!

with much love + gratitude,


  1. So sad to hear that you guys are moving away! I was so looking forward to becoming best buds in 2011!

  2. I would love to knowthe date of the opening so I can join you in NYC if possible! Regardless, we must get together again before you move so I can give you big hugs. ;)

  3. leah - no worries...we probably aren't moving until late summer, so don't hold back :)

  4. we'll make sure to keep everyone posted as soon as we have some dates nailed down!