Monday, May 7, 2012

Before and After pictures

 So Tommy and I have been through quite a journey over the past few years.  One of them being we've lost a total 120 pounds combined!  A lot of people we meet now, can't believe we ever were over weight.  And the people we knew when we were overweight want to know what we've been doing to change.  So I thought I'd write a post about the things that have helped us and show some before and after pictures.
 This is us in 2007 at the Cliff dwellers Museum in Colorado right before we moved to Florida (for the first time)
Jen at Royal Gorge in Colorado 2007
 Us in New Hampshire after ice cream sundaes at Friendly's 2009 (at our largest weight 180 and 200+ pounds)

 'In progress' after a few months of jogging I ran my first 5k race in Portsmouth NH 2010
 Tommy aka 'Banana Man' 2012 (about 50 pounds lighter)
Jen at Fern Forest in Florida 2012 (about 60 pounds lighter)

Jen at a recent vegan party (2012) with some cute friends in Miami Beach.
(looking like she did in her early 20s!)

So. There are some pictures. Now on to the details of what we did. 

 is when it all started. 
  We switched to a vegan diet.
 It wasn't necessarily a healthy one but it was better with out all that meat and dairy. (the body has a very hard time digesting meat and dairy. It takes a lot of energy to digest and causes more problems than it's worth!) Read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
 We started learning about what foods to avoid-sugars, hydrogenated oils, bleached flours, etc.  Jen quite smoking for good.

Jen started walking on the treadmill one hour a day six days a week. Every couple weeks she upped the speed till she was jogging. She ran a few local races which helped her to stay motivated and be around other healthy people for inspiration. This was the big weight loss year. She lost 50-60 pounds.
Tommy mostly just changed his diet and did a little bit of jogging here and there (most of his weight loss was this year too).  Jen also had a list of affirmations that she read everyday while on the treadmill from the book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay which deals with the emotional side of obesity and other diseases and how to heal (emotionally).  This is an important step in the weightloss process.  We started taking yoga classes twice a week at a Yoga by Donation place in Portsmouth.  Learned how to and started a meditation practice

Leveling out and staying consistent with yoga, running and eating healthy. 
Tommy and Jen ran a 5k together! (in the cold New England rain)
Jen started training to run a half marathon
We started to learn how to eat healthier taking our knowledge and diet to a new level.
Jen tried a 10 day fast to cleanse and detox the body called the Master Cleanse. September was Jen's half Marathon!! Read: Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond learning about food combining. 

2012 (till now-May):
Jen started a raw food diet.  Eating mostly raw foods during the week.  Fruits and vegetables! Started learning how to make gourmet raw food dishes and snacks. Read: Raw Food by Ani Phyo  Jen did a 10 juice fast AND had her first colonic.  Learning about detoxing the body and colon.  Went to Hippocrates Institute to learn more about eating raw foods and the program they offer (to stay there for 3 weeks and learn). Learned  a lot from 30 bananas a day siteJogging, yoga and raw diet so far this year. 
SO that's the gist of everything. 
 During all this we were also reading a lot of spiritual books as well. Here's a list of the books that moved us the most:
The Secret by Rhonda Burns
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer
   Law of Attraction by Ester Hicks

Food books
  Engine Two
   Fit For Life
      Juicing for Life
    500 Vegan Recipes
  The Sugar Blues by William Dufty
                      The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Food Inc
King Corn
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Super Size Me
30 Day Raw (reversing diabetes)
Forks Over Knives
May I Be Frank
The Secret
The Shift

We feel great and have SO much more energy now. No more droopy eyelids, coffee and afternoon naps needed.
Feel free to write us if you have questions or post a comment with your own success stories and things that have worked for you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new ways to connect, read and follow.

well, hello again everyone. this is just a quick little note on where to find us these days, since, as you can plainly see, the blog has gotten a bit *ahem* dusty, to say the least:

• tommy is still frequently seen on twitter, using @tommypez rather than @jenandtommy these days.

• jen is less of an onlineophile, but she does have a twitter account that she occasionally updates: @jenmeyerart.

• jen is relaunching her Etsy store soon with a new line of prints, illustrations and paintings. for now, it's up and running with some previous stock, but you never know what she might be adding on any given day. her store name is: nspire.

• since tommy discovered tumblr and it's relative ease of use...compared with certain other blog hosting sites...he's been merrily posting away once again on his new personal blog packed with goodies, places and thoughts, called "Urban + Man = Urbman".

• another good way to contact us if you aren't on tumblr, twitter, etsy or facebook is just to leave a comment on this blog, any post will do. we get notifications to our email whenever that happens and can write back or answer any questions.

We're planning to move back to Miami from New England sometime in 2011, so we'll try to keep anyone who's interested up-to-date, but the methods listed above should be fairly active over the coming months. Hope everyone is having a great 2011 and is happy, healthy and prosperous.


jen + tommy :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year! 2011 update/2010 review

well, it's a new year once again; and, once again, we've gone through some dramatic changes this year...

we started out the year as vegetarians. new to the path, we were still living on cheese pizza and bean burritos much of the time. but as we started learning more about factory farms and dairys, we decided to completely eliminate all animal products from our diet - including dairy & eggs - and practice maintaining a fully vegan diet for all of 2010.

this turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made, as not only did we feel 100% better physically, we also felt better emotionally and spiritually as well. though it may be nothing more than coincidence, ever since we went to visit the "hugging saint" Amma in summer of 2009, we felt some kind of heart opening that resulted in more compassion towards ALL living beings, so the vegan lifestyle, in retrospect, seems inevitable to us now.

we learned a ton of great info from books like The Kind Diet and websites like, and we've cooked at home more than ever before. as a result, i (tommy) lost over 30 lbs of fat and jen (with the addition of running daily) has lost nearly 50 lbs. another benefit is that when we experience a cold or sniffles, it now passes after only a day or two instead of dragging on over a week or more, like it used to when we were carnivores.

we also found out that probably some time in 2011 we will be moving back to Florida, specifically Miami, as my design business down there is flourishing and i'll need to be available to meet with clients in person more often - i've currently been flying down there every month for meetings, which is fun but can become tedious after awhile, so the move will give me greater flexibility. we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in new england, and we're both thrilled to have been given the opportunity to reconnect with jen's family out here, as well as forge new relationships with the many people we've met since we moved north back in 2008.

jen is about to complete one of her largest projects to date: "the sketchbook project: portsmouth". this project entails her filling an ENTIRE Moleskine® notebook with sketches, drawings, watercolor paintings and writings from our time in portsmouth, and the resulting finished piece will be displayed permanently in an art library in brooklyn, ny. next month, we'll be traveling down there via coach bus to attend the opening party and see jen's work and the work of the other artists who participated in the project. as our first trip to nyc, it should be a blast.

in 2011, we're planning a return trip to colorado for the first time since we left in 2007, and it will be great to see all of our old friends and family members again. it feels like 30 years since we left, thought it's only been 3, so it will be interesting to see how things look to us now after all the changes we've gone through since we left.

we'll also continue our spirituality studies, sharing what we think is relevant and writing updates on what we're doing in our personal lives as well. 2010 was a period of intense growth and goal accomplishment for both of us, on many different levels, and as such left us with little time for blogging. that's an area i hope to change in 2011, so expect more frequent posting as well. the content will be varied, that's all i can say for now...

so that's the latest jen+tommy update - hope you enjoyed it, and hope to hear lots of comments from everyone over the next year. have a wonderful, safe, healthy, abundant, satisfying new year, and we'll talk to you soon!

with much love + gratitude,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

the power of gratitude.

there is a family in ecuador that lives in a one-room hut made of mud bricks, straw and chicken wire – but don't pity them, because they don't pity themselves. they are actually closer to God/the Universe/All-That-Is than the majority of those living in so-called "first-world countries".

they do not have a pantry, per se, from which they decide if they want to eat cereal for breakfast, or waffles, or bacon and eggs, or pancakes; rather, what they eat that day they either have to pick, find, catch or hunt. they literally do not have any idea what their next meal is going to be.

it would not be surprising to find out that, upon waking each morning, the first thought on everyone's mind has to do with what the next meal is going to be, or what the family needs to do in order to survive that day. what is surprising, however, is that instead of thoughts like that first thing in the morning, this family, consisting of a mother, father, 2 teenage boys and 2 young girls, begins each and every day with a prayer of thanks.

they immediately thank their concept of "God" for another day, for in their world, every day of life is literally a gift, and is treated as such – and the moral of this story is their their thankfulness is the cause of their daily blessing rather than a result of it; they are actually living day-to-day via their own gratitude...

if they can do this with food, imagine what we can do if we apply this same level of gratitude towards every area of our lives!

thanks for reading, and have a great Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

SugiPOP! at Portsmouth Museum of Art

*** showcasing cutting-edge Japanese anime, manga, comics and contemporary art -- runs through January 2011***

This show is a collaborative effort, featuring the work of nearly 30 established artists, and includes some awesome examples of original manga and comic art, plus original cels from somr of the coolest anime films made to date, like Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke.

This show also features some original Edo woodblock prints from the likes of Hokusai and Kuniyoshi -- work that helped lay down the early foundations of today's modern Japanese style.

"Sugi", the Japanese word for "too much" or "excess", represents the extreme characteristics of Japanese manga and anime, which has then merged with the American phenomenon of Pop Art, to become SugiPOP!, a blend of Japanese and American contemporary art shaped and defined by over-the-top pop.

Cutting edge pieces have even been specifically created for the show, by such well-known personas as Mike Shinoda - lead singer from Linkin Park.

(more pictures after the jump.)

awesome epoxy work on this one.

"nice to meetcha."

pastry party.

you have to see this one in person to really appreciate the depth of it.

is the room too small, or is the bunny too big?

Astroboy anime cels.


About the PMA:

The Portsmouth Museum of Art is a community-centered museum presenting the work of emerging and established artists - local, national and international. We offer exhibitions and programs that educate the public about art, as well as to use art as a tool to generate conversation about current events, other cultures, social issues and a wide range of other topics with a diversity of viewpoints. Our goal is to enrich the local cultural landscape by developing partnerships, creating collaborative opportunities among artist and art organizations an by presenting a complete art experience that includes literature and poetry, performance art, film and other technologies and to initiate an on-going public dialogue around art.

Museum Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday 11:00-5:00
Open late Fridays until 8:00
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Location and General Information:
One Harbour Place
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Visit the PMA's website for more information about the show or to become a member! At only $25, it's a steal. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

this is a test post, but you can read it if you want to.

today we went for a drive to see some of that crazy fall foliage we keep hearing about. we headed up route 16 north through dover, nh, where we immediately hit traffic as (big surprise) the lanes were merged from two into one due to traffic – a common occurrence in new england.

jen then had the idea to get off the highway and get coffee in a small town called rochester, so we could wait for the traffic to end. rochester is a tiny town with a dunkin donuts, two irish bars, and, today only, an oktoberfest celebration. the celebration consisted of a mini-punkin patch for kids to select and paint faces on, plus a table outside one of the irish bars with steamed hot dogs in a big glass jar, and a vat of coffee and some cookies i think. also there was a live band and some women wearing traditional "german-style" dresses walking around.

the atmosphere was quite festive, as you can imagine.

further, there was a small "traveling barnyard", which happened to have the same animals that we saw a week ago when we went to the harvest festival at the apple crest apple farm in hampton falls, nh. so, jen got to again say hello to the three alpaca, two baby cows, 1 jackass, two chickens and several tiny goats and sheep that she spent over 30 minutes petting a week ago.

then we stumbled across an art gallery called artstream. it's a very cute little gallery with some nice art selections ranging from paintings to paper art to ceramics to one-of-a-kind jewelry. the creaky wooden floors and back room filled with bustling gray-haired women making crafts "live" added greatly to the kitsch and charm of the gallery. inside, we spoke with an employee who, upon learning that jen's name is what it is, gave her a book called jen 11, which showcases arts and crafts from 11 different artists who are all named jen.

this greatly inspired jen to create even more art pieces so she can hopefully be selected for the next issue of jen 11.

after this, we hit the road again to see some leaves. it was a gorgeous, crisp, sunny day with a chilly wind, just enough to keep you feeling refreshed and your cheeks a little rosy all day. we came across a pond with some railroad tracks alongside of it, and being the lover of railroad tracks i am, we decided to park at a nearby gas station and walk the tracks.

we had a nice walk through the woods, eating apples and kind bars and sea salt & vinegar chips, then decided to head back to portsmouth. i'm writing this post now just to get (back) in the habit of documenting our experiences in new england, so we can look back on them later and have a good laugh or stir up some fond memories.

i'll add a few pictures from this experience in the next post, and i'm working on another post that describes the harvest fest we went to last week as well. we also have some halloween parties coming up (wait until my costume is revealed), along with the book fest and veg fest in boston over the next two weekends. all in all, fall can be a very busy time in new england.

until then, keep exploring!

Monday, August 9, 2010

what happened to @jenandtommy?

just wanted to make a quick announcement that we'll be maintaining our own individual twitter accounts from now on -- but still posting unique content to our old @jenandtommy from time to time. just don't expect an immediate response from us if you send a DM or something to that account. (don't worry -- will live on!)

what started out as a simple experiment: "is twitter fun/useful/simple/educational?" turned into a semi-passion (especially for tommy), and as time went by we both realized we wanted to promote different things at different times, follow different types of people and engage in different sorts of conversations.

so, to help eliminate the frequent question, "is this jen or tommy i'm talking to?" we just started two new accounts. we've had so many fun memories and relationships and adventures from @jenandtommy, however, that there's no way we can give it up -- it will just be sort of in the background, mostly lurking, at least for the time being...

so now, without further ado, let me direct you to our new twitter usernames: @tommypez and @jenmeyerart.

as always, we look forward to tweeting with you about anything from art and design, to urban hiking, to modern spirituality. come on over and say hi!